Buckfast Mated Queens will be available from May 2023.
Queen production has finished for this year 


Qualities of our Queens

  • Calm on the comb

  • Show good disease resistance

  • Hygienic Behaviour

  • Low tendency to swarm

  • Frugal with winter stores

  • Able to overwinter successfully

  • Good spring build up

  • Excellent foragers

  • And a pleasure to work with   


Buckfast Queens are £44 each including delivery 



PRE ORDER FOR 2022  Deposit £10 the remaining balance is to be paid before shipping .


Our Buckfast Queens will be marked with this years colour Yellow.

We can also clip the Queen for you please request this at the checkout.               

Queens are posted in introduction cages and sent via Royal mail. The cages will have attendants and candy.

There will also be an introduction sheet to help you with your new queen's introduction 

If you have not introduced a new queen before or are worried about the process please contact me for advice 

or help. 

                 Queen Postal cage                                                          Clipped Queen                                               Marked Queen

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Local Buckfast Queen for sale
 Buckfast mated queen bees for sale
Natural Local Mated  Buckfast Queen